Gas Chromatograph Hinotek

Aplikasi Gas Chromatograph Hinotek digunakan pada area :
- Analisa jejak toxic, monitoring, dan riset di proteksi lingkungan, atmosfid, dan asal polusi air
- Biokimia, aplikasi klinik, patology, dan riset toksikologi
- Analisa mikroorganismes, pada produk makanan dan minuman
- Analisa produk intermediet dan akhir untuk obat-obatan dan jamu
- Analisa komposisi pada industri bahan bakar, kimia, dan riset geologi
- Riset komponen dan kontrol produksi pada kimia organik dan sintesis
- Analisa dan riset pada karantina kebersihan, perlindungan pekerja, dan deteksi bahaya penyakit
- Monitoring, kontrol dan riset pada penelitian sains terbaru dan teknologi militer

- Double FID detectors in the basic type with wide accessory options such as GCl22-TCD thermal conductivity detector, GCl22-ECD electron capture
detector, GCl22-NPD nitrogen and phosphorous detector, GCl22-FPD flame photometric detector, converter, gas sample inlet valve, etc. l In the basic
type, the instrument has dual packed columns, double samplers and dual gas path system structure, which can effectively restrain baseline fluctuation
and drift in real time, suitable for temperature programming analysis. The instrument can work with three types of detectors at the same time. With
different detector combination in different application, the instrument can support detectors working in either cascade or paralleled connection.

- The instrument in the basic type is equipped with completed capillary analysis system and independent capillary split sampler, which includes
diaphragm cleaning, split flow and auxiliary gas adjustment. It supports capillary split / split less sampler, cold on-column sampler, and 0.53mm large
diameter capillary column direct sampler. It’s suitable for all kinds of capillary column of various diagrams, speculations, and lengths, and made of glass
or flexible silicon glass.
- The gas path of the instrument adopts high precision scale flow control valve, unloading valve and needle valve. It’s easy to adjust flow capability and
has better reproducibility and stability.

- The instrument supports following injection methods:
Packed column: on-column sample injection, instantaneous vaporizing sample injection, gas sample injection
Capillary column: split injection, split less injection, large diameter column direct injection.

- Newly developed computer aided temperature control system. It can manage the temperature control of six path heating areas at the same time,
including column, ion chamber, thermal conductivity detector, capillary column sampler, packed column sampler auxiliary and standby, with high
precision (less than ±0.1℃) and wide range (up to 400℃), and temperature overload and deviation is less than 2℃ or even lower.

- The column has five-phase programmed temperature control, and the highest heating rate is up to 40℃/min.
The system has such functions as switch-off protection, temperature limit setup, temperature scanning, rapid automatic cooling, i.e. back opening
door, and etc.
- Open-end computer system can apply RS-232 interface and N-2000 chromatogram workstation to achieve single path communication control and
data processing.

- Large volume full lens stainless column (350mm×280mm×300mm) can support capillary column and dual packed columns at the same time. Inner-
placed heating wire structure can facilitate silicon capillary column analysis

Performance Indicators:

- Temperature control range: 7℃-400℃ of room temperature (increment by 1℃)
- Temperature control objects: column, ion chamber, thermal conductivity, sampler A, sample B, auxiliary (standby)
- Temperature programming phase: five
- Temperature programming rate: 0.1℃-40℃ /min(increment by 0.1℃)

Flame Ionization Detector (FID)
Sensitivity  : M≤1*10-11g/s(sample: C16)
Optimal test result: M ≤5× 1 0 g/s
Baseline noise: ≤5*10 A
Baseline drift: ≤6*10 A/h
linear range: ≥10E6

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