XRY -1A + Oxygen Bomb Calori Meter

Instrument XRY -1A + Oxygen Bomb Calori Meter didesain sesuai standar RRC GB/T213-2008 untuk Metode Pengujian Nilai Kalori Batu Bara, GB/T384-1988 metode pengujian nilai kalori produk bahan bakar dan memenuhi regulasi kalibrasi RRC JJ672-2001, dan Standar Shangai Q/YXYY 10 XRY.

Oxygen Bomb Calori Meter
XRY -1A + Oxygen Bomb Calori Meter 

I. Main technical features
1.The instrument adopts technology of single chip machine, LCD screen, high accuracy temperature sensor and high performance A/D conversion device. It is a highly intelligent instrument.
2.The test procedure is fully automatic. After placing the sample and inputting the right parameters, the instrument will finish all the procedures without manual interference. It will print the test data directly after test is over.

3.This instrument adopts sealed oxygen bomb. The whole structure adopts stainless steel material.The strength is enough to resist 20MPa hydrostatic test under room temperature.

Main technical specifications and parameters
1. Heat capacity: 14000 J/K~15000 J/K
2. Measuring range: (10~35)°C
3. Resolution: 0.001 K
4. Measurement accuracy: ± 60J/g
5. Repeatability error: ≤0.2% (Grade C)
6. Pressure endured of oxygen bomb: 20 MPa
7. Temperature measurement range: 10°C~28°C
8. Relative humidity: ≤85%
9. Power supply: AC 220V±5%, 50 Hz
10.Overall dimension: 600mm*480mm*460mm
(Note: The press machine is optional accessory)

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